Blockade Australia is an organising network established in response to Australia’s ongoing efforts to block action on the climate and ecological crisis.

“Blockade Australia” is a call to action in itself. It is an ask that people come and participate in resistance by physically blockading Australia’s critical infrastructure.

The network aims to help build a political movement that can physically resist Australia’s planet destroying operations with disruptive and targeted action that shuts down the everyday functions of this destructive machine.

Blockade Australia does not believe that the Australian system is broken and can therefore be repaired. It is operating from an understanding that the Australian system was established to extract value from this continent and disregard the damage caused to people, the environment and the climate.

The climate crisis threatens all life and requires urgent action now, Blockade Australia is organising a response based on the following understandings...

  1. That the ecosystems which support human and non-human life are collapsing. That food and water scarcity combined with destructive and lethal weather events will escalate disease, conflict, injury and deaths. The trajectory of this crisis leads to a hot house earth, and the annihilation of complex life as we know it.
  2. That Australia and its institutions were designed to maximise the exploitation of this continent and are actively blocking the changes we need to protect the climate and ecosystems. It’s laws and political systems were set up to promote economic expansion at the expense of everything else. A credible climate response requires the prioritisation of an ecological recovery above the private right to exploit, something Australia will always block.
  3. A climate response can only be made possible when Australia’s foundational principals and operating systems are substantially challenged by an organised and determined political resistance movement. Disrupting the movement of resources, goods and labour through roads, ports and rail is a legitimate and appropriate response to Australian expansionism.

“Australia is a huge contributor to the climate and ecological crisis we are facing. It is structured in a way that makes real change within the system impossible.”

– Arno taking action at the Port of Botany

Blockade Australia is a call to action directed at people disempowered by the Australian system, not an ask of those in power who are committed to continuing the destruction. Pursuing minor concessions from those in power will not prevent runaway climate collapse, it has only led to a green-washing of Australia’s existing operations.

Blockade Australia exists to build a climate resistance powerful enough to confront Australia’s destructive operations as a whole.