Blockade Australia



We need financial support to enable our week of disruption to resist Australia’s exploitation and destruction.

The reactionary and repressive response from NSW Police to our Sydney mobilisation means we are now facing a whole new raft of court cases and costs. Any funds raised here will directly support climate activists to face and defeat this judicial repression.

Social updates

Surprise, surprise. Australia's political system fails to respond to the climate change it caused. #auspol #blockadeaustralia #climatecrises
The reason the state knows we are powerful is because we are not isolated individuals. We are a part of a global wave of direct action, obstruction, disruption & cultivation that is opening the possibility for a world without exploitation or ecocide.

Yesterday, we had meet-ups in 13 different places on this continent and schemed and dreamed of ways to grow our resistance to Australia’s climate and ecological destruction.

Thanks to all the new faces that showed up! #BlockadeAustralia
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The climate spiral is terrifying. The clock is sitting at five after midnight. Climate scientists are now urging humans to to shut down destructive systems using #DirectAction.

The crisis is escalating. The climate is collapsing.

Our survival depends on our resistance.