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Jacinta jumped on top of a freight train at the Port of Melbourne today, halting its import/export operations.

The Port of Brisbane, Port of Newcastle and Port of Melbourne are three pieces of infrastructure that are critical to Australia’s operations. Shutting them down halts global supply lines. These are growth-driven chains of destruction that are actively harming the climate and failing to provide the needs for any life to thrive.

This is what Jacinta had to say:

“Australia works within an extractive system that is literally killing our chances of survival. We need to reimagine a world we want to live in”.

“We do not have time to wait for the government and corporations. They are never going to do what we need to do to survive. The system is geared solely towards exponential economic growth and expansion. We can’t have exponential growth on a finite planet.”

Naomi has been granted magistrate’s bail after blocking the road into the Port of Brisbane on Wednesday.

She is in good spirits and being cradled in community after the Police tried to forcibly remove her arm from the lock-on device causing a severe tear in her finger. She stayed locked-on while they cut her out for two more hours blocking work across the port. She received finger surgery in custody and is expecting a full recovery.

She let us know, “this injury is so much less than the damage being done to ecosystems, to water, to climate, to all beings.”

“The violence that this state enacts on the climate itself will have dire consequences for all life on earth, it is because of the states threat of violence against ecosystems that we continue to take action to protect life.”

Activists who disrupt destructive projects have experienced police and human violence since the earliest days of nonviolent intervention.

Meaningful resistance is, by its nature, uncomfortable. It is also the purpose of resistance because change only comes through discomfort.

How we move through discomfort and care for each other is how we show what a different world could look like. To reconnect with each other and continue to take action is what’s needed if we are going to dismantle this system and build a world of care.

Addressing violence against each other and against our biosphere is the challenge we must all face, together.

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It’s a long way to the ground

Stealthy Ninja Grace (18) and Angus (22) the impromptu comedian ground coal export to a standstill on Tuesday night. Separated by 50km and 5 hours they live streamed their legendary acts of courage on facebook. One cheeky and one hilarious they’re both great entertainment.

Grace jumped the barbed wire fence surrounding the mountains of coal at 9pm in the worlds largest coal port and ran in to pull the breaks an enormous machine that unloads trains and loads ships. She then scaled that machine and glued their hand to a maintenance railing 5 stories high.

Angus erected a 9m metal pole in the middle of the train tracks on a narrow rail bridge at 3:30am, the pole was tensioned across all the train tracks and Angus proceeded to safely climb up the pole and livestream for 6 hours.

Muloobinba local, Angus, stopped the Hunter Valley supply line leading into the Newcastle coal port, atop a 9-metre pole in early morning darkness into sunrise this morning on Wonnarua Country. The 22-year old said:

“The Australian system is killing us. We need to fight to continue living. The luxury of a handful of people is being prioritised over the lives of every other living thing on the planet. The best way we can fight the system is by directly confronting its operations with direct actions like this. Physical action that disrupts the destructive functioning of the colonial project known as Australia is real, political power.”

Stealthy ninja, Grace (18) said:

“Engaging in direct action like this makes a clear statement that we won’t be messed around. We are doing this because it’s necessary for survival and necessary to avert mass extinction. Actions like this are for our collective survival. I act out of love for our haters, for the people rooting for us, for literally all human and nonhuman life.”

They are proud to have taken impactful action to disrupt the system that is killing us.

2 quality livestreams for the watch list:

The cheeky sneaky ^^^

The radical comedy show ^^^ (seriously hilarious)

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For a second day in a row the roads leading in and out of the Port of Brisbane have been blocked by another activist. Darsh hung from a tripod spread across the 2 in-bound lanes and was later removed by the fire brigade.

This morning, Darsh said “I stand for a community that cares for each other, that shares the wealth created by the labour of the working class instead of stealing it for the benefit of the 1%, and that uses increasing repression to enforce their structural privilege at the cost of ecological catastrophe.”

“This is an act of self-defense. I am blocking the operation of the port because the port is a central part of the system that is threatening our safety. We need to end the system that is destroying our future and this action is the beginning of that process.”

Darsh was not offered police bail when taken into the watch house. Later that afternoon in court the Magistrate decided to imprison Darsh at least until the 17th of July 2023 while he waits for his next court appearance.

It is the most vulnerable in the world who are already suffering the consequences of Australia’s heartless decisions.

A supreme court appeal of this bail decision will be heard on Monday.

Protests are planned against this police repression on Friday and Monday

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Day Two: six Blockade Australia actions to break the system that is breaking us.

We’re still here, organising resistance to Australia’s exploitation and extraction. Ordinary people can disrupt the supply chain that feeds the ‘economy’ aka the destruction of our biosphere.

The doctrine of infinite profit is killing us. We’re here for self defense.

Munro: ‘We’re digging ourselves a hole and the port is a big part of the shovel. We need to put that shovel down’.

Darsh: “It’s an act of self defense to disrupt the destruction of the ecosystems that sustain us.”

We are here for life, for earth and all her peoples.

Join us.

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ft: blockades of Melbourne, Brisbane and world’s largest coal port

One day. Three ports. One year since the Colo raid. Like the hydra, Blockade Australia is BACK, disrupting three major ports across the continent. The climate movement cannot be decapitated.

Music credit:

Darlin Please by

Heat Up (ft. Sleep of Oldominion) by Esoligh

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Climate reality is intentionally obscured so that this system can continue to operate without our serious opposition.

Dominant news stations ignore the crisis entirely; outlets run misinformation campaigns; only conservative climate science is published, and even this is made inaccessible; token measures of progress are quoted out of context and flaunted loudly by politicians guaranteeing that we are taking climate change seriously.

Any urgency associated with climate action is constantly being curbed.

Attempts are made to distract and placate anyone alarmed with market led fantasies, carbon credit schemes, transition propositions that promise safety yet require us to change very little about how we live our lives.

Considering the actual reality of the crisis disrupts all conventional narratives about solutions.

It is not enough to stop new coal and gas.

It is not enough to demand a carbon zero economy by some constantly shifting date in the future.

Australia’s economic and political interests are incompatible with life.

These interests extend beyond the burning and exporting of fossil fuels.

Renewable energy sources cease to be renewable when they are used unsustainably by system chasing endless economic growth.

No iteration of new energy production has ever curbed the one before it.

Most versions of a more ‘carbon conscious’ future still project expansion. They still expect us to exploit and be exploited.

To save life on this planet the fundamental priority of this system, and others like it, must shift.

There can be no more infinite growth.

There is no pathway to change within any of Australia’s institutions: real action on climate contradicts its very founding principles.

The pathway to change lies in organised collective and direct action that forces this industrialised growth machine to stop destroying the planet.

Together we can resist climate destruction.


It’s election time again and the professional con men with their fake smiles are out shaking hands and kissing babies, pretending that they haven’t been selling us all out from the moment the polls last closed.

It’s election time again and the politicians promise us the world, knowing full well they will never deliver and believing that it doesn’t matter because they won’t feel any real consequences for their actions.

They breathe easy knowing that regardless of the result, they are going to continue sailing comfortably through life on a massive parliamentary pension or as an honorary addition to a board of one of the many corporations that they faithfully served whilst in office.

It’s election time again and the media are celebrating, calling it a festival of democracy, choice and popular empowerment whilst skilfully implementing a coverage blackout on anyone that doesn’t fall into line with the establishment’s plans for continuous economic growth and never ending environmental destruction.

It’s election time and again the groups pushing for meaningful change will be hugely underrepresented in parliament whilst those working for the establishment will get more seats and power than they deserve.

It’s election time again and the public can smell the bullshit but accessing power seems impossible because the way the Australian political system functions is not taught in schools. People put their heads down, mutter about it all being corrupt, and continue clinging to a disingenuous hope that despite centuries of history indicating otherwise, a miracle might happen and the “good people” could somehow stumble into power against all odds.

The election process in Australia is an insult to our collective intelligence.

Stop begging, hoping and wasting energy trying to make change through a system designed to protect the establishment and facilitate our exploitation.


Australia is organised to protect the economic interests of big business, of the corporate and political elite. These interests are actively destroying the climate, and exploiting people’s lives and labour in the process.

Australia has a multitude of resources in its tool belt to maintain this arrangement of things:

A parliament that is inaccessible to everyday people;

An electoral system that artfully misleads people into thinking they have a say in how they are governed;

A legal system written to protect the right to pursue and accumulate private wealth;

A court system that demonstrates this fundamental priority by framing challenge to the current order as a threat to broader society that needs to be locked up;

A police force obedient only to the interests of those in power;

A media empire fixated on erasing the reality of the climate crisis, concealing those who are really responsible for it, and backing up the narratives told by the cops, the courts, and the politicians;

A conglomeration of multi-million dollar corporations profiting off operations of extraction, exploitation, military expansion that are in the pockets, ears, and beds of major decision makers, those who benefit from the processes of parliament, policy, courts, cops, and the media.

Australia does not work for us.

Australia, and other massive exploitation projects like it, are set on a trajectory of turning all the planet’s resources into cash piles for the elite. To stop them destroying it all, we have to get in the way.

None of us can continue to seek safety in the hope of changes within the current system protecting the conditions necessary for life.

Collective organised resistance lets everyday people access power.

We can respond to Australia’s organised destruction with organised resistance.