BREAKING: 21 year old Laura has been sentenced to 3 months jail in Newcastle local court today after shutting down the loading facility at the Coal Port on Sunday.

After more than 30 arrests as part of a sustained Blockade Australia mobilisation, Laura is the first to be sentenced to jail. Despite the formation of a Police strike force actions have continued unabated and disruption has reached over 100 hours. Having no success in stopping action, the courts have turned to excessive sentencing as a deterrent.

This is the way that Australia protects it’s interests, by imprisoning dissent. It is another example of how the profit of extractive industries is prioritised over the liberty and safety of the people and planet.

The past few years we have seen these types of harsh penalties become more common as people all over the continent are getting serious about challenging the core of the Australian system.

Laura like many young people took part in the Blockade Australia mobilisation to confront the system that is putting her future in jeopardy

Laura – “In the past I would just fall into a pit of despair and grief, just wishing that someone would do something. We’re facing imminent climate collapse and you’re filled with dread and hopelessness and you think to yourself “Why isn’t anyone doing anything!?”

From it’s inception Australia has used threatened and actual violence to enable exploitation. First Nation Peoples for the past 250 years have been on the frontline of this violence and continue to fight back against it. The same system that dispossessed first people of their land is the one that is now playing a huge role in the accelerating climate and ecological crisis.

In the face of repression action becomes more important than ever. There are risks inherent in challenging this system but to risk standing idle is to risk everything.

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Thank you Laura for your bravery and turning your despair into action. This is the only way we can keep the planet safe for the future.

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