Two activists lock on

Jacinta and Kirsten entered at dawn; with Kirsten disabling machinery and Jacinta locking on to a structure at ground level. This is the 20th action in 11 days halting operations at the Newcastle port.

“The problem is that our system is based on exponential growth, that revolves around money and power which is unjust and unequal. All life forms suffer because of the human actions of the corrupt and exploitative systems of our government and multinationals. I’ve come here to do direct actions because I feel it is one of the ways for me to stand up for what is right”


“I’m a law student and it is upholding the duty of care laid down in Sharma v Minister for Environment to stop coal ports fuelling the CO2 emissions that cause climate change. In July this year the Sharma case found that the Minister has a duty to take reasonable care… to avoid causing personal injury or death… arising from emissions of carbon dioxide into the Earth’s atmosphere”.


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