Melbourne Port Shut Down by Blockade Australia.


This morning, Blockade Australia climate activist Brad Homewood has climbed a monopole to stop the operations of the Port of Melbourne, the largest port in Australia, on Boon Wurrung Country.

Simultaneously, other activists have blockaded the Newcastle Coal Port and the Port of Brisbane.

Blockading tactics such as these are necessary in obstructing Australia’s ongoing destruction of our liveable climate. An organised resistance movement is required to protect the conditions necessary for life.

Brad said:

“This system is doing exactly what it was set up to do, extract and exploit with a callous disregard for all forms of life. You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it: we can’t vote our way out of this mess, the system cannot fix the system.”

Blockade Australia is an organised response to Australia’s active role in causing the climate and ecological emergency. This morning, three major ports across the continent have been blockaded, in order to coordinate major economic disruption to the Australian system.

Organised Destruction, Organised Resistance.

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