Grandfather takes radical action

64 year old Grandfather who stopped all coal supply to the world’s largest coal port for another 3 hours this afternoon, has been arrested and taken into police custody. He was removed from atop a full coal train by a cherry picker.

Andrew is the 14th person to blockade this supply chain in the last 7 days. This isn’t the first time Andrew has been through the watch house after taking direct action. Referencing his last arrest he says:

“Brutality to First Nations peoples continues today. In a recent visit to the watch house I noted each cell wall had a small first nations flag scratched into the paintwork. It was heart wrenching. They have been resisting the Australian colonial and extractive operation since 1770. I am here today to stand alongside them.”

Concerned for the welfare of his grandchildren, Andrew is taking serious action against the economic and political structures driving the climate crisis.

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