Sergeio takes the train

Sergeio has taken action today in response to Australia’s loyal commitment to fossil fuels.

At a time when we know we are heading to more extreme climate events due to high levels of greenhouse gasses, its irresponsible, careless and downright stupid to do what Australia is doing. The world is watching and we are leaders in climate collapse.

Sergio is a determined young individual who realises that our most effective way to halt Australia in its tracks and force change, is to get in the way.

Blockade Australia continues to disrupt the economic flow of capital which supports Australia’s exploitive industries.

“We’re taking our future back” “When the government decides it’s going to destroy it’s people (through climate change)- the people will rise up”


Blocking centres of political importance directly impedes the system and creates space for the change we need. Next we take Sydney. Join us!

Check out the livestream here:

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