We can respond to Australia’s organised destruction with organised resistance.

Australia is organised to protect the economic interests of big business, of the corporate and political elite. These interests are actively destroying the climate, and exploiting people’s lives and labour in the process.

Australia has a multitude of resources in its tool belt to maintain this arrangement of things:

A parliament that is inaccessible to everyday people;

An electoral system that artfully misleads people into thinking they have a say in how they are governed;

A legal system written to protect the right to pursue and accumulate private wealth;

A court system that demonstrates this fundamental priority by framing challenge to the current order as a threat to broader society that needs to be locked up;

A police force obedient only to the interests of those in power;

A media empire fixated on erasing the reality of the climate crisis, concealing those who are really responsible for it, and backing up the narratives told by the cops, the courts, and the politicians;

A conglomeration of multi-million dollar corporations profiting off operations of extraction, exploitation, military expansion that are in the pockets, ears, and beds of major decision makers, those who benefit from the processes of parliament, policy, courts, cops, and the media.

Australia does not work for us.

Australia, and other massive exploitation projects like it, are set on a trajectory of turning all the planet’s resources into cash piles for the elite. To stop them destroying it all, we have to get in the way.

None of us can continue to seek safety in the hope of changes within the current system protecting the conditions necessary for life.

Collective organised resistance lets everyday people access power.

We can respond to Australia’s organised destruction with organised resistance.


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