Just keep on doing things the same old way

It’s election time again and the professional con men with their fake smiles are out shaking hands and kissing babies, pretending that they haven’t been selling us all out from the moment the polls last closed.

It’s election time again and the politicians promise us the world, knowing full well they will never deliver and believing that it doesn’t matter because they won’t feel any real consequences for their actions.

They breathe easy knowing that regardless of the result, they are going to continue sailing comfortably through life on a massive parliamentary pension or as an honorary addition to a board of one of the many corporations that they faithfully served whilst in office.

It’s election time again and the media are celebrating, calling it a festival of democracy, choice and popular empowerment whilst skilfully implementing a coverage blackout on anyone that doesn’t fall into line with the establishment’s plans for continuous economic growth and never ending environmental destruction.

It’s election time and again the groups pushing for meaningful change will be hugely underrepresented in parliament whilst those working for the establishment will get more seats and power than they deserve.

It’s election time again and the public can smell the bullshit but accessing power seems impossible because the way the Australian political system functions is not taught in schools. People put their heads down, mutter about it all being corrupt, and continue clinging to a disingenuous hope that despite centuries of history indicating otherwise, a miracle might happen and the “good people” could somehow stumble into power against all odds.

The election process in Australia is an insult to our collective intelligence.

Stop begging, hoping and wasting energy trying to make change through a system designed to protect the establishment and facilitate our exploitation.


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