Goods train jumped on route to Melbourne Port


Jacinta jumped on top of a freight train at the Port of Melbourne today, halting its import/export operations.

The Port of Brisbane, Port of Newcastle and Port of Melbourne are three pieces of infrastructure that are critical to Australia’s operations. Shutting them down halts global supply lines. These are growth-driven chains of destruction that are actively harming the climate and failing to provide the needs for any life to thrive.

This is what Jacinta had to say:

“Australia works within an extractive system that is literally killing our chances of survival. We need to reimagine a world we want to live in”.

“We do not have time to wait for the government and corporations. They are never going to do what we need to do to survive. The system is geared solely towards exponential economic growth and expansion. We can’t have exponential growth on a finite planet.”

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