Australia’s economic and political interests are incompatible with life.

Climate reality is intentionally obscured so that this system can continue to operate without our serious opposition.

Dominant news stations ignore the crisis entirely; outlets run misinformation campaigns; only conservative climate science is published, and even this is made inaccessible; token measures of progress are quoted out of context and flaunted loudly by politicians guaranteeing that we are taking climate change seriously.

Any urgency associated with climate action is constantly being curbed.

Attempts are made to distract and placate anyone alarmed with market led fantasies, carbon credit schemes, transition propositions that promise safety yet require us to change very little about how we live our lives.

Considering the actual reality of the crisis disrupts all conventional narratives about solutions.

It is not enough to stop new coal and gas.

It is not enough to demand a carbon zero economy by some constantly shifting date in the future.

Australia’s economic and political interests are incompatible with life.

These interests extend beyond the burning and exporting of fossil fuels.

Renewable energy sources cease to be renewable when they are used unsustainably by system chasing endless economic growth.

No iteration of new energy production has ever curbed the one before it.

Most versions of a more ‘carbon conscious’ future still project expansion. They still expect us to exploit and be exploited.

To save life on this planet the fundamental priority of this system, and others like it, must shift.

There can be no more infinite growth.

There is no pathway to change within any of Australia’s institutions: real action on climate contradicts its very founding principles.

The pathway to change lies in organised collective and direct action that forces this industrialised growth machine to stop destroying the planet.

Together we can resist climate destruction.


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