PORT OF BRISBANE disrupted again by Darsh via tripod

Australia’s Profits Cause – Floods, Fire and Famine

Once again the Port of Brisbane has been blocked by activist network Blockade Australia on Quandamooka country. The action marks the second time Blockade Australia has shut down the port in as many days.

Darsh Rasborsek has blocked two lanes leading into the port, suspended from a tripod structure. This act of resistance is a reminder that the operation of Australia refuses to act on the climate crisis, and continues to be a driving cause of climate collapse by extracting and moving exploited resources around the world through ports.

“The current economic and political structures here are incapable of making the kind of change needed to ensure a safe future. We have had decades of science warning us, but the evidence is right in front of us – floods, fires, droughts, heatwaves… despite everything, global emissions continue to rise,” says Darsh.

“As well as degrading the natural world, this system sets people against each other and creates artificial scarcity. The cost of living and housing crises are examples of this. By this action, I am working to create a safe future for my children and my grandchildren, and all the children born into this world.I stand for a community that cares for each other.”

While the climate crisis progresses toward an increasingly unstable situation, already harming the most vulnerable communities and ecosystems, Australia continues the political and economic operation of exporting such disaster around the globe. Blockade Australia disrupts those systems, highlighting the power of everyday people to seek and create a future worth hoping for. 

Update: Darsh has been remanded in custody until 17 June

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