This System Needs Breaking

BLOCKADE AUSTRALIA IS BACK AGAIN: climate activist Munro Monroe (26) is currently blocking Webb Dock Rd, in front of the Port of Melbourne gates, attached to a monopole stopping the operations of the largest port on the continent.

For the second day in a row, across the continent, Blockade Australia have simultaneously blocked operations of ports along the east coast.

Their banner reads: “The system isn’t broken. The system needs breaking.”

Munro said: “This port is directly contributing to the climate and ecological collapse.”

We’re in dire circumstances and I’m willing to put myself on the line to try to bring Australia’s climate destruction to an end.”

“When you realise the truth, that we are in such a desperate situation, then you need to come to grips with it and do something about it”

“The only real change can come through the power of people”

The Port of Melbourne is the biggest port in Australia, and the fourth largest container port in the Southern Hemisphere. The operations of Australia are destructive all over this continent, but all the wealth they extract flows through supply chains which we can materially distrupt. Ports like these are bottlenecks in these supply chains, places where one individually, organising collectively, can cause a massive disruption to a corrupt and exploitative system.

A Blockade Australia spokesperson said;

“Blockade Australia is an organised response to Australia’s active role in causing the climate and ecological crisis.”

The Blockade Australia network has organised periods of sustained disruption in the Newcastle Coal Port in 2021, the Port of Botany in 2022, and the Sydney CBD in 2022. This move is the latest in a long campaign to disrupt economic bottlenecks in the Australian system in order to stop Australia’s climate destruction.

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