2 Legends Ride A Coal Train into the sunrise

Sustained disruption continues: Blockade Australia

LIVE NOW (5:50am): Two people have blockaded Newcastle coal port by shutting down the rail line after jumping on top of, and locking onto, a stopped train over a bridge crossing the Hunter River at Singleton. This is the fourth action to disrupt the functioning of the port this week.

For camera crew: be on location at Rose Point Park – https://goo.gl/maps/sUribhgpT8myVa3K9

Kalpa Goldflam, 64, and Ayla, 16, are stopping the functioning of the world’s largest coal port.


Kalpa says:

“I take this action today on Wonnarua Country as an act of civil resistance. As I write this, our world as we know it is continuing to hurtle towards ecological and climate collapse.”

“The system that is called Australia – the industries, governments, and organisations are all complicit in maintaining economic growth, despite the certain increasing death of more and more people, animals and ecosystems this priority ensures.”

“I have climbed onto the train that was heading towards Newcastle coal port, the biggest coal port of the world and a key economic world fossil fuel gateway, to protest this system’s inabilty to care about the survival of any form of life on the planet.”

“The growing network of Blockade Australia continues to hold the Australian system accountable for the current ecocide.”

Ayla says:

“I feel upset that I’m growing up in a time which species are going extinct daily. We need to empower communities to care for those in need and for the land they live on. We can’t do that under the current system.”

“The system keeps us silent enough to not blame it. Instead the blame is put on individuals, whilst those who profit are not held accountable. We are forced to live in a system that is causing social and ecological crises.

The system teaches us that we must sit by whilst injustice occurs. I am taking action today because we must resist that lie.”

This is part of a coordinated mobilisation in response to Australia’s facilitation of the climate and ecological crisis, and its active blocking of impactful action towards a safe climate.

UPDATE: Recent Newcastle arrestees, Grace and Angus, have both been released on bail. Ayla has been released on bail. Kalpa in custody will be in either Musselbrook or Newcastle local court tomorrow morning for a bail application.

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