Third strike by Blockade Australia at Port of Brisbane – Lismore Flood Survivor Locked onto 2 Cars

HAPPENING NOW (15:28): For theĀ third day in a row, the Port of Brisbane has been blocked by Blockade Australia as part of the activist network’s rolling actions occurring across the East Coast of the continent.

Activist Naomi Shine has shut down operations at the Port of Brisbane by locking on to two cars. The disruption demonstrates the power of community organising to push for change in the face of escalating climate destruction enacted by the political and economic systems of Australia. As Naomi explains:

I’m taking this action because otherwise I’d be completely miserable watching the ecosystems around me be destroyed. Direct action is a method for creating change because it speaks truth to power and demonstrates the urgency of the situation.

I really wish for humanity that we can find common goals and a sense of purpose, and more loving ways of existing with the Earth.”

Australia’s toothless response to climate change is a death sentence disguised as action, already affecting the most vulnerable around the globe. If we don’t confront power where it operates on the ground, the political and economic systems will continue to churn through whatever life remains. Blockade Australia disrupts those systems, highlighting the power of everyday people to seek and create a future worth hoping for. 

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