6 Hour Block Of All Coal Trains – Angus climbs monopole

Blockade Australia sustained disruption continues: climate activist stops Newcastle coal port.

HAPPENING NOW, 3:40am: Muloobinba local, Angus, is sitting atop a 9-metre pole on a rail bridge at Branxton (stolen Wonnarua land) on the Hunter region rail line leading into the Newcastle coal port, effectively obstructing the Hunter Valley supply line. This supply line carries coal to the port of Newcastle, most globally significant export hub of thermal coal.


Angus, 22 years of age, said: “The Australian system is killing us. We need to fight to continue living.

The luxury of a handful of people is being prioritised over the lives of every other living thing on the planet.”

“The best way we can fight the system is by directly confronting its operations with direct actions like this.

Physical action that disrupts the destructive functioning of the colonial project, known as Australia is real, political power.”

“This is an organised resistance to the Australian system’s organised destruction.”

The resistance movement that disrupts Australia continues for the third consecutive day today, as staunch activists take direct actions to challenge the current economic and political structures across the continent. Newcastle coal port, Brisbane port and Melbourne port have been forced to halt operations each day as a result of these actions. The organising network of Blockade Australia has deployed periods of sustained disruption in the Newcastle Coal Port in 2021, the Port of Botany in 2022, and the Sydney CBD in 2022.

This is part of a coordinated mobilisation in response to Australia’s facilitation of the climate and ecological crisis, and its active blocking of impactful action towards a safe climate.

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