Jacinta Walsh (62) has stopped and jumped on top of a train at the rail line servicing the Port of Melbourne early this morning, halting the operations of the largest container port on the continent.

For the fourth day in a row, activists from Blockade Australia have successfully blockaded the Port of Melbourne. This has been part of a coordinated mobilisation across three major ports on the continent, aimed at disrupting the economic operations of Australia, to protest Australia’c continued blocking of climate action.

They are holding a banner which reads “We change everything, or we lose everything.”

Jacinta said: “Australia works within an extractive system that is literally killing our chances of survival. We need to reimagine a world we want to live in.”

“I fight for humanity, I fight for all species, I fight for the earth. We have one home, let’s keep it healthy. I fight for life.”

“We do not have time to wait for the government and corporations. They are never going to do what we need to do to survive. The system is geared solely towards exponential economic growth and expansion. We can’t have exponential growth on a finite planet.”

A spokesperson from Blockade Australia said: 

Without mass organised civil resistance, Australia and its allies will not stop organising the exploitation of this planet.” 

“Sustained action that shuts down centres of political and economic power is the only effective means of forcing the political change required. It is time to Blockade Australia.”

Press conference in Melbourne with Niamh O Connor, who abseiled off the Footscray Rd Bridge on Wednesday, will be announced shortly.

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