Blockade Australia shuts down Port Botany for the second day

Blockade Australia has shut down the Port of Botany for the second day in a row. “Port Botany is a crucial piece of infrastructure for the Australian project.” said Arno (21), who is suspended on a steel bipod structure hanging over a bridge on Sirius road.

The structure is tied off across to the other side of the bridge, blocking all lanes of traffic. Arno will continue to blockade the bridge for as long as they can.The Port operates on the unceded lands of the Bidjigal people, who have been resisting the Australian colony since European arrival and subsequent invasion on the shores of Botany bay over 250 years ago.
Australia is built to exploit and that’s never going to change unless we get in the way.” Arno says.
Below Arno’s structure hangs a banner which reads, “No Borders, No Nations, Stop Australia’s Operation”.

The science is clear that the window is closing for action on climate. 
“Let’s stop talking to the oppressors nicely. Come to Sydney on June 27, bring your friends and #BlockadeAustralia with us. Anyone can get involved in resisting climate inaction, and we need you.”

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