Dressed as possum – ‘Kitty’ Stops and occupies a Brisbane port bound coal train



A Blockade Australia activist, Kitty (25) has stopped all trains from entering the Port of Brisbane this evening by climbing on top of a coal train. This is an act of defiance against a violent system that has never had the well-being of people and land as a priority.

Their banners read “Hope Lies in Resistence” and “This System is Killing Us”.

Tonight’s action completes a five-day run of disruptions which are intended to actually put a spanner in the workings of the business-as-usual systemic exploitation of land, resources, and people on this continent.

Disruption taken this evening at Queensland’s fastest growing port has been taken along side disruption at Newcastle Port, the world’s biggest coal port, and Melbourne Port, the biggest container port in Australia.

Kitty says

“Climate collapse is happening right now and it is the direct result of these systems, governments, industries that are deliberately creating this destruction.

“It’s really important that we remember we have the power to activate any change that we want to see in the world.

As a young person I feel uncomfortable in the reality that I’m living in because I’m inflicted by this system that doesn’t actually serve the people. I don’t want to look back on myself and say oh I just sat and watched the planet screaming and did nothing.”

BA refuses to specify demands of a system that was built to profit off exploitation, while aiming to provoke systemic change of institutional direction, especially away from endless extraction and consumption. The consensus of climate science is that the current trajectory is unsupportable and unethical and it is going to result in tragedies on an epic scale in the fairly near future. Unprecedented floods, fires, heatwaves and drought are already happening in multiple locations, across Australia and globally.

A Blockade Australia spokes person said “We are calling for fellow community members to get involved in the multiple roles that make such direct actions possible. Collective and organised disruptive activity at economic bottlenecks is a proven method to generate vital change.”

Supporters can find online information talks happening within the next week to learn more about how they can get involved. 

Info Talk event link: https://fb.me/e/3EAa0KxsI

Vision:  https://mega.nz/folder/QLcFxLob#bCduj1eCSs46qE5luiepRA

Livestream: https://fb.watch/lla_crUZYU/

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