Ayla and Kalpa lock their arms together atop a coal train, stopping 1% of coal freight globally


For the fourth consecutive day, the operations of the world’s largest coal port at Newcastle was stopped by two activists who locked on, atop a loaded coal train at a Hunter River bridge crossing in Singleton (on stolen, unceded on Wonnarua Country). Ayla has just been released and is on their way home, and Kalpa is still in police custody awaiting court tomorrow.

Ayla (16) said: “I’m here because this system is hurling us towards total climate collapse, because I’m worried about my future, worried I’m not going to be able to have kids. I’m taking the power back for myself. I don’t believe anyone has a say in our current political system, especially not those whose future we’re trying to save. I’m here in solidarity with everyone else who’s fighting for our future, in solidarity with the land and the water and the trees. Because it’s something worth saving.”

Kalpa Goldflam (64) said: I take this action today on Wonnarua Country as an act of civil resistance. As I write this, our world as we know it is continuing to hurtle towards ecological and climate collapse.”

“The system that is called Australia – the industries, governments, and organisations are all complicit in maintaining economic growth, despite the certain increasing death of more and more people, animals and ecosystems this priority ensures.”

“So much climate disaster is already happening, and that’s one of the reasons I believe governments and corporations are engaging in gaslighting. It’s not like we’re going to be at some point in the future, we are in an emergency right now.”

“I have climbed onto the train that was heading towards Newcastle coal port, the biggest coal port of the world and a key economic world fossil fuel gateway, to protest this system’s inability to care about the survival of any form of life on the planet.”

“I have three beautiful grandchildren from 10 down to 3 months. I have a village of millions of children around the world, and as a village member I’m taking responsibility for making changes – not within the current system, but direct at the system itself. It’s the system that’s causing the harm they are saying they are managing to fix.”

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