Spying & Raid of Blockade Australia Property is Insane Police Overreach

Armed, camouflaged police officers in an unmarked car stalk Blockade Australia camp

Recently found footage shows four unidentified police officers who had been secretly recording activists on a private property West of Sydney.

The footage shows two plain-clothed officers who entered the property in the vehicle, and two officers in full camouflage who had been spotted by individuals on the property hiding in the bushes filming them.

The two armed, camouflaged people found hiding above our campsite did not speak to those or the property, or identify themselves to or offer any sign to indicate that they were police officers. The vehicle was subsequently driven into activists on the driveway attempting to leave.

At no point did any of the climate activists harm or threaten to harm the camouflaged intruders or occupants of the vehicle. It is possible that the unmarked car was dented when it smashed into their bodies however we cannot verify this.

Camouflaged, masked police emerge from bush

No crimes have been committed on the property, and this spying and raid demonstrate an immense overreach of power.

An activist associated with Blockade Australia said “This is a clear example of the frightening repression by police being increasingly faced by activists on this continent. It shows a deeply concerning vision of the attacks on democracy preventing meaningful action on climate destruction”

By nightfall, 7 people were in custody and around 40 people were stranded in the Blue Mountains, many with no bedding or warm clothing. Several people who had fled into the bush when they saw the armed intruders were unaccounted for. With temperatures rapidly dropping and no communications, those forced to leave the property were acutely worried.

Footage of police can be viewed here