Day 13. The record breaking continues; 29 arrests, 27 actions, and over 90 hours of economic disruption to this life destroying system.

Late last night and early this morning, Clancy (29), Laura (21), and Dom (22) all did the single most effective thing an individual can do right now in the climate and ecological crisis, and put their bodies on the line.

Clancey: “We do this because disruption is an extremely effective tool at forcing the change that the Australian system absolutely will not allow to happen.”

Laura: “I’m a piece in that puzzle and we are all a piece of that puzzle, We can’t just sit in our beds doomscrolling feeling shit waiting for it to happen. We can either sit back and watch the world around us crumble or we can stand up now and put our minds and bodies to work however we can and catch the pieces as they fall. The system and the world as we know it is going to break, there’s no two ways of looking at it, it’s going to fall.”

Dom: “I’m currently on stolen lands, stolen since colonisation began on this continent over 250 years ago. This is the lands of the awabakal worimi people, I’m very grateful to be here. This island, where this coal port is. It’s an incredibly beautiful and biodiverse wetland. It’s just incredible and a disgrace. It’s so emblematic of what colonial extractivist states do, the contrast is quite unbelievable. I want to acknowledge the staunch resistance that has been led by first nations people all across this continent since colonisation began.” 

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