Our 1st Tripod!

Today at 6am, Wilkarr Kurikutahr, a Ngemba, Wangan and Jagalingou man, climbed a 9 metre tripod to blockade the railway line leading into and out of the world’s largest coal port in Mulubinba/Newcastle. He stopped all coal trains on the rail network for over 4 hours before being removed from the tripod and taken into police custody.

Wilkarr said, “I’m a Ngemba and Wangan & Jagalingou man standing in solidarity with Awabakal and Worimi mob by blockading the world’s largest coal port in Mulubinba.”

“I’m sick of Australia destroying country and sacred sites to get their resources. That’s why I am here doing this action today to put a stop to it myself.”

Wilkarr Kurikutahr

The climate and ecological crisis is here. Australia and its institutions are fuelling this crisis, and are blocking the urgent action needed. Traditional campaigning methods such as petitions, rallies and lobbying are not working. Organised nonviolent blockading tactics are necessary to cause disruption to Australia’s operations and create the change required. Be in Sydney from June 27th 2022 to Blockade Australia.

This action was taken on the stolen land of the Awabakal and Worimi people.

Watch the livestream here:

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