Pylon-sit to monopole

“Australia was built as a militarised resource extraction project, the colonising empire has been raging a brutal war for over 250 years against first nations people and land, that war continues today and it has resulted in the collapse of all our life support systems; its driving the climate and ecological crisis”


Today, someone did something. Zoe suspended themselves for 3 hours, 20m up an electrical pylon. They were on a rope, tied to a monopole on the rail line.

The bridge they blocked provides access to the whole Newcastle coal port.

One person, alone, immobilised the most significant economic bottleneck of the coal network in the world.

This is the second of two actions this week which have shut down operations on the world’s biggest coal port to get in the way of the extractive Australian project.

Disruptive actions like this against pinch points in the supply/demand chain can be used as a political tool.

In a rigged system, the only way to wield relevant power is to shut down the things Australia cares about; to shut down sites of political and economic importance.

Watch Zoe’s livestream here:

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