This afternoon Anna (69) climbed upon a coal train and blocked the coal trains going to the Newcastle coal port, the largest of it’s kind in the world. This made her’s the second action of the 11th day of Blockade Australia’s sustained mobilization. She shared the beautiful view of the clouds in the skyline and lamented the coal train cutting through it. As she blocked this very train from reaching the port on it’s journey to fuel our climate collapse, she shared:

“This is horrific that so much coal is being taken out of this beautiful country and it’s causing a catastrophe. I cannot just sit by and watch. I write to and have visited politicians, I’ve tried everything. If you look at the good science and believe the science, it’s not looking good. This is my home and it’s your home too.”

“Since this country has been colonized it’s been robbed and pillaged and raped. There’s no end to our greed, and it’s all just for money.”

“The system is based on greed and exploitation and unkindness. I fear for our future generations, my grandchildren and all those young people working their butts off, so kind and clever and sweet. What future have they got when good people are doing nothing.”

“Imagine if a thousand people did this, just kept it up every day, imagine if everyone volunteered to do this every day, and said it’s killing us and it’s killing our children.”

Be a part of the resistance.

Anna (69) on a coal train

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