Katta (27) has climbed onto a traverse line that has been strung up between Glennies Creek rail bridge and a nearby tree. These current protests have lead to 70+ hours of disruption to one of the worlds largest fossil fuel supply chain. 

Katta, who successfully took the Government to court last year, is currently hanging on an elevated traverse stated, 

“Through my many years of environmental work, I have realised that the traditional mechanisms we are given, like voting and legal action, are powerless in genuinely addressing climate change.”

“I successfully took the Australian Government to court for failing to disclose climate risk in their sale of Government bonds, yet this groundbreaking win was able to be nullified by those in power because this system is built to protect powerful interests. If we wait and rely on the traditional avenues of change-making, we will forever be waiting while this system hurtles us towards climate collapse.”

“We cannot rely on the Australian system to prevent climate collapse when it has always prioritised the interests of those with entrenched power.”

“History has shown us that the only way to challenge corporate power and the rich is through disruptive action that stops the real functioning of the economic processes that are destroying the living planet.” 

Australia is driving climate collapse through its rampant extraction and exportation of resources. A system built on infinite growth is completely unsustainable no matter which political party is in power or how many renewables projects are built. We cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet.

History has shown us that direct action works in confronting power structures when it is targeted and sustained. We pledge to continue taking action against Australia’s climate destruction.

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