Port of Brisbane was at a standstill after an activist with a monopole blocked the road


Earlier today, the Port of Brisbane was at a standstill while an activist blocked the flow of goods coming in and going out for a few hours while hanging from a monopole. This happened along side similar actions taken part in Newcastle and Melbourne.

This continent and the people on it have been and are still being exploited by the political and economic structures. Everyday people recognise that the system is not broken, it was designed this way. It is failing us all and it needs to be stopped.

In their livestream, Jem, 23 said:

“One person making morally guided consumer decisions holds no power to stop the system or to change it. But one person organising collectively can shut down the flow of goods for an entire port”

“When we work together and utilise our combined strengths, we have a greater chance at resisting the systems of oppression that we all live under.”

This action was taken on the stolen lands of the Quandamooka peoples. The first peoples resistance against the violent invasion of this continent, their culture and their people is still going on today.

We need to #BlockadeAustralia

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