THIS SYSTEM ISN’T BROKEN. THIS SYSTEM NEEDS BREAKING. Melbourne Port broken by a pole and Munro

This morning, Munro (26) suspended themselves on a monopole at the gate of the Port of Melbourne, disrupting operations of the continent’s biggest port for several hours.

They said: “We’re in dire circumstances and I’m willing to put myself on the line to try to bring Australia’s climate destruction to an end.”

“This port is directly contributing to the climate and ecological collapse. When you realise the truth, that we are in such a desperate situation, then you need to come to grips with it and do something about it.”

The doctrine of infinite profit is tearing our future from us. Economic disruption has become vital for survival.

Power no longer only resides in governments and institutions – it is through the movement of goods and resources via roads, ports and rails that the current system is maintained. It is through the disruption of these flows that the system is challenged.

The doctrine of infinite profit is killing us. We’re here for self defence.

Munro: ‘We’re digging ourselves a hole and the port is a big part of the shovel. We need to put that shovel down’.

We are here for life, for earth and all her peoples.

Join us.


Update: The legend known as Munro was in court the same day, he plead guilty and spoke for himself in court after refusing a lawyer, he convinced the court he did the right thing and was released without a conviction or a sentence.

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