The world’s most significant economic bottleneck of the coal industry BLOCKADED

A young climate activist at Kooragang island has stopped exporting at coal terminals of Port of Newcastle, on stolen, unceded Awabakal and Worimi Country.

The activist locked on and glued on, suspended off a bipod for over four hours.

They said, “This direct action not only brought coal trains to a halt, but was a disruption to the colonial project, known as Australia. Australia was established through brutal genocide with the sole purpose of extracting wealth. That’s exactly what is still happening today.

“The colonial and expansionist project, known as Australia, will always protect itself instead of the people. The legal avenues of change currently presented to us only facilitate Australia’s protection of itself, and its priority to incentivise the accumulation of wealth. This priority is perpetuated culturally – through individualism, climate denial, and illusion of meritocracy.”

Other activists blockaded the Port of Brisbane (on stolen lands of the Quandamooka peoples) and Port of Melbourne (on unceded Boon Wurrung Country) at the same time this morning.

“Direct actions like these shake up the current system and “business as usual”. 98% of Australia’s trade is via ports – meaning most of the flow of the economy is centralised around these pinch points which we are able to disrupt.

“We are taught that power is only accessible to few individuals in “special” and “authorised” places. Everyday people are feeling disenfranchised and disempowered. We’re breaking that down by building a resistance movement that disrupts pinch-points in this destructive machine. Collective power comes when we stop destructive forces from operating. We all have the power to disrupt and transform the colonial project, known as Australia.”

This is a coordinated response to Australia’s facilitation of the global climate and ecological crisis.

Update: Claudia has been released on bail pending court on the 20th of July. NSW police charged them with trespass and obstructing a railway.

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