Naomi has been granted magistrate’s bail after blocking the road into the Port of Brisbane on Wednesday.

She is in good spirits and being cradled in community after the Police tried to forcibly remove her arm from the lock-on device causing a severe tear in her finger. She stayed locked-on while they cut her out for two more hours blocking work across the port. She received finger surgery in custody and is expecting a full recovery.

She let us know, “this injury is so much less than the damage being done to ecosystems, to water, to climate, to all beings.”

“The violence that this state enacts on the climate itself will have dire consequences for all life on earth, it is because of the states threat of violence against ecosystems that we continue to take action to protect life.”

Activists who disrupt destructive projects have experienced police and human violence since the earliest days of nonviolent intervention.

Meaningful resistance is, by its nature, uncomfortable. It is also the purpose of resistance because change only comes through discomfort.

How we move through discomfort and care for each other is how we show what a different world could look like. To reconnect with each other and continue to take action is what’s needed if we are going to dismantle this system and build a world of care.

Addressing violence against each other and against our biosphere is the challenge we must all face, together.

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The main road leading into the Port of Brisbane has, for the third day in a row, been blocked by an activist bringing attention to the vital system change that we need to foster a healthy environment on this planet.

Naomi was locked onto the back of 2 vehicles for a couple of hours to stand in the way of the destruction of this continent. This disruption was taken collectively, on stolen land, with actions happening across so-called Newcastle and Melbourne ports.

In her livestream, Naomi said “I’m doing this because otherwise I’d be completely miserable watching the ecosystems around me be destroyed. Direct action is a method for creating change because it speaks truth to power and demonstrates the urgency of the situation. I really wish for humanity that we can find common goals and a sense of purpose, and more loving ways of existing with the earth.”

An organised resistance movement, made up of everyday people, is what is required to stop Australia’s destruction and protect the natural systems necessary for all life.

Update: 35 hours later (at publication time) and Naomi has still not been released or seen a magistrate and likely won’t until at least 2 days after this protest.

2 supporters of Blockade Australia have were arrested on site at this protest and have been in court and ordered to be held in prison at least until 17 June.


For a second day in a row the roads leading in and out of the Port of Brisbane have been blocked by another activist. Darsh hung from a tripod spread across the 2 in-bound lanes and was later removed by the fire brigade.

This morning, Darsh said “I stand for a community that cares for each other, that shares the wealth created by the labour of the working class instead of stealing it for the benefit of the 1%, and that uses increasing repression to enforce their structural privilege at the cost of ecological catastrophe.”

“This is an act of self-defense. I am blocking the operation of the port because the port is a central part of the system that is threatening our safety. We need to end the system that is destroying our future and this action is the beginning of that process.”

Darsh was not offered police bail when taken into the watch house. Later that afternoon in court the Magistrate decided to imprison Darsh at least until the 17th of July 2023 while he waits for his next court appearance.

It is the most vulnerable in the world who are already suffering the consequences of Australia’s heartless decisions.

A supreme court appeal of this bail decision will be heard on Monday.

Protests are planned against this police repression on Friday and Monday

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Earlier today, the Port of Brisbane was at a standstill while an activist blocked the flow of goods coming in and going out for a few hours while hanging from a monopole. This happened along side similar actions taken part in Newcastle and Melbourne.

This continent and the people on it have been and are still being exploited by the political and economic structures. Everyday people recognise that the system is not broken, it was designed this way. It is failing us all and it needs to be stopped.

In their livestream, Jem, 23 said:

“One person making morally guided consumer decisions holds no power to stop the system or to change it. But one person organising collectively can shut down the flow of goods for an entire port”

“When we work together and utilise our combined strengths, we have a greater chance at resisting the systems of oppression that we all live under.”

This action was taken on the stolen lands of the Quandamooka peoples. The first peoples resistance against the violent invasion of this continent, their culture and their people is still going on today.

We need to #BlockadeAustralia

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