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For a second day in a row the roads leading in and out of the Port of Brisbane have been blocked by another activist. Darsh hung from a tripod spread across the 2 in-bound lanes and was later removed by the fire brigade.

This morning, Darsh said “I stand for a community that cares for each other, that shares the wealth created by the labour of the working class instead of stealing it for the benefit of the 1%, and that uses increasing repression to enforce their structural privilege at the cost of ecological catastrophe.”

“This is an act of self-defense. I am blocking the operation of the port because the port is a central part of the system that is threatening our safety. We need to end the system that is destroying our future and this action is the beginning of that process.”

Darsh was not offered police bail when taken into the watch house. Later that afternoon in court the Magistrate decided to imprison Darsh at least until the 17th of July 2023 while he waits for his next court appearance.

It is the most vulnerable in the world who are already suffering the consequences of Australia’s heartless decisions.

A supreme court appeal of this bail decision will be heard on Monday.

Protests are planned against this police repression on Friday and Monday

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JUNE 27th

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Collective climate denial is an existential threat that is rampant in this society.

Australia’s priority is to protect an economic and political order that maintains focus on maximising exploitation.

The escalating repression over the last few days against activists taking co-ordinated action against this exploitation system highlights this priority.

Over the weekend, NSW police poured resources into an illegitimate and malicious police raid that saw 40 people, including elders and children detained. Seven people were arrested, and are banned from speaking to loved ones and friends.

As its opposition grows, Australia responds with violent and disturbing reflexes.

This is a system doing what it was set up to do: to block any attempt at a legitimate climate response.

When we take collective action that opposes and exposes the destructive nature of Australia’s operations, Australia attacks us: armed, organised, and declaring that we are the extreme ones.

An attack on those resisting the destruction of all life support systems is an attack on everyone.

We are fighting for clean air, for drinkable water and for a safe climate. Australia is blocking this. Australia’s mission is in direct conflict with the interests of life on earth.

Australia relies on a facade of progressive, democratic prosperity.

This weekend’s raid and the ongoing treatment of a movement desperately struggling for our collective survival exposes the rotten core of Australia.

Meaningful climate action must materially challenge Australia’s operations.

Australia was built on violent exploitation of people and the environment. Any serious threat to the profit driven suicide mission that Australia is on will be met with harsh state repression.

Our only option is to push back with more people, more conviction and no fear. Fear and apathy are our opposition’s only hope. We must not let them win.

Don’t let them beat us. Join us on June 27.

This action will take place on the lands of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. We acknowledge their ongoing resistance to the colonial project of Australia, and pay respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.