Activist suspends off monopole on rail bottleneck

This morning, Alex Pearse (33) suspended himself off a monopole blocking all trains running to and from the Port of Botany. This is the third consecutive day Blockade Australia has shut down this continent’s largest container port.

“Australia is a rigged system doing exactly what it was designed to do: exploit people and extract resources from this continent.”


The system is not broken, it’s designed to break us. No matter what party, no matter what policies, self-preservation and the protection of the ruling class is what Australia does best. Sustained action that shuts down centres of political and economic power is our best chance of forcing the political change required. Change is necessary for survival. As Australia continues to block climate action, we will Blockade Australia.

“We are facing a climate catastrophe. I have worked in environmental science for 12 years and during that time I have seen no credible action on climate. I am taking direct action because without a halt to business as usual there will be no true change”


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