Immobilised trucks block major access road

For the second time today, Blockade Australia has stopped trucks at Port Botany. Dom and Helen have blockaded Penrhyn road with two trucks. Dom has climbed atop one, and Helen has locked on to the steering wheel of another. This is a significant economic bottleneck; it is the only access road to Port Botany’s largest terminal. Australia’s design principle is to use everything in its path to gain private wealth and power. Port Botany is a 24/7 operation of relentless, unsustainable growth. It is a prime example of Australia’s priority to maximise exploitation of people and planet in the pursuit of global supply chains. Disrupting it at pinch points where it is most critical, like the roads leading in and out of major container ports, is effective resistance to this project of mass destruction.

Dom, a wildlife carer and preschool teacher, who through their work has experienced harsh drought firsthand said:

“My experience is just a taste of what others are and will continue to experience as this crisis continues. All appropriate action is being blocked by Australia.”


Helen is a practicing psychologist who recognises that a climate response requires a new approach to politics: “The mass collapse of ecosystems, wars over resources, and extreme weather events are the inevitable conclusion of a system built on greed and exploitation.

“Everything is at stake. Engaging in strategic action like this is our attempt to force the changes necessary for survival while we still have the chance to act”


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