This morning, activist Arno (21) is suspended from a steel bipod over the bridge on Sirius road leading into Port of Botany. This structure is tied off to the opposing side of the bridge, which is blocking and choking the flow of traffic in and out of the Port.

Arno has a banner tied to them which reads:

“No Borders, No Nations, Stop Australia’s Operation.”

There are no borders when it comes to climate collapse. This is the second day of action Blockade Australia has taken at the Port of Botany, which is a crucial part of infrastructure to the Australian project.

“Australia is built to exploit and that’s never going to change unless we get in the way. Let’s stop talking to the oppressors nicely.”

This action is taking place on the unceded land of the Bidjigal people. We pay respect to past and present Elders of this community and acknowledge the significance of our actions being in this place where the colony began. Bidjigal and other First Nations people of this continent have resisted colonisation and genocide at the hands of Australia for over 250 years.

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