Vickers has been remanded in police custody after stopping largest coal machine in the world


Strike #12 for #BlockadeAustralia this week.

Vickers scaled a stacker reclaimer this morning at the port of Newcastle and pressed the big red button to shut its exports down. Like many of us, Vickers fears it’s too late to stop climate collapse …

“It’s time we take a crowbar to this system, pry it up, rethink it, reimagine it.

Now there’s nothing left to do except for non-violent direct action, except for pushing the big red stop button. If you look around, around corporate institutions, there’s heaps of them. Pinch points in destructive supply chains, like ports, are exactly the places we can shut this machine down.

Hopefully in the chaos down the slide of ecological disaster, there will be enough space to reimagine our relationships with each other and the environment.

This particular system is not listening to us, it’s time for us all to go push the big red buttons.”

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