Dusk tripod stops trains

Climbing high up into a tripod, Bell is taking a stand against a powerful entity in order to fight for a liveable future. Australia is a money hungry dominion state that will continue to destroy all of our surroundings until there is nothing left.

Our reefs, our forests, our native flora and fauna are all under threat. The climate is collapsing, and we are the ones who will have to live through it. It’s in our hands to take climate action, because those with vested interests simply wont. We will die waiting for that.

“Failing to participate in actively blockading the system means accepting the impending insurgence of natural disasters. We need to get in the way and we need everyone to help”


Get organised, get involved; only together can we resist Australia’s inaction on climate. Join us in Sydney next year, we will come together and we will blockade. Disrupt Australia where it all started to force the change we need.

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