As the sun rose this morning hanging from a single rope over a tree a daring activist introduced themselves:

“I’m Jasmine, I’m on the stolen land of the Wonnarua people, where sovereignty was never ceded. I am hanging from a tree sit attached to a monopole which is blocking all trains going into and out of the Newcastle coal port.”

As confused rail workers and later police scratched their heads while examining the structure she was suspended by. Jasmine sat tight and blocked the system that is destroying us.

“I feel like direct action is the only way forward. Reforms and anything that is in line with the system, touted by the system, is never going to serve the people.”

As the landscape was blanketed with rays of morning light, like the hope Jasmine represented, she, explained the centrality of the crisis:

“This isn’t just about coal, it’s so much more, it’s the system in general that’s allowing not just climate collapse but a slow societal collapse, while the politicians and people in power only worry about themselves.”

The climate collapse is one disaster out of many that the system has generated from it’s first principles. As more and more violence is mercilessly perpetrated against our climate and the world, engaging in direct action that stands up boldly, to block the system is essential.

Jasmine held strong blocking the fuel of the system for over two hours.

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