Aahana (17) takes bold action this morning, hanging from a bipod at a pinch-point into the Port of Newcastle. We believe she is still there 3+ hours later, after locking onto the structure when search and rescue cops arrived.

She shares some potent words,

“I extend my respect and solidarity to all Indigenous communities fighting for liberation. The nation state of Australia is responsible for not only the massacre of Indigenous people on this continent but across the globe.”

“98% of Australia’s trade is through the ports. I’m disrupting corporate and institutional power, the foundation of Australia’s system. Disruptive tactics have always been employed, and are always criticised as extremist and counter intuitive. Despite this, the status quo celebrates many wins of the same disruptive tactics, attributing the successes to the framework of liberal democracy and the more passive reformist movement.”

“I’m totally disabled from participating in our “so-called democracy” but still expected to be compliant with all the evidence that suggests we need to take action – strategically and urgently.”

“We are living with finite resources but this system works towards infinite extraction. Blockade Australia immobilises key infrastructure on the ground where power is manufactured. I believe nothing happens without people. I want to use myself, as a person, to take action.”

13 actions and counting… we must #BlockadeAustralia!

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