Statement from prison – Max Curmi

Max Curmi at a protest in Brisbane before his arrest

I am a political prisoner. I am being held on prevaricated charges, because I refuse to let this system continue destroying this continent, the climate, and our right to a livable future. I am in a cage, because we are upholding the truth and backing the experts who are saying we need to make transformational change now in order to survive.

We need to stop destroying the world for profit, and that means dismantling and replacing the current legal, political and economic frameworks that encourage the exploitation of this earth and those living on it. We need systems that are set up to minimise environmental impacts, protect what remains, and repair the damage that Australia and its allies have done to our planet.

They have locked me up, and they have locked up my friends, but they cannot lock down the truth, unless the people with freedom let them. This system is going to destroy us all unless we find a way to force serious change. It cannot facilitate the transformational change we need. The experienced work everyday, in the parliaments, the courts and the uniforms, to protect and preserve this exploitation system.

We need to stand up, we need to fight back, this is your planet they are killing. Change has never come easily, and it won’t be given to us by those with the power. Now is the time, we have had enough excuses.

Step up, fight back. Join us this week, at Blockade Australia.

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