Elder Arrested in Second Raid of Blockade Australia Camp

Ngemba elder Auntie Caroline Kirk being arrested by NSW Police

NSW Police has arrested two Blockade Australia activists at a campsite in Sydney early this morning. 

Activists were encircled by around 25 police, while police boats patrolled a nearby river. Initially, police refused to respond to questions as to why those at the campsite were being detained. Police were accompanied by Channel 9’s news team.

One of the activists arrested was a 62-year-old Aboriginal elder who was staying at the campground. She has been charged with intimidation and affray, outrageous charges that bear no relation to reality.   

Police have maintained intense surveillance since the dramatic raid over the weekend west of Sydney. Activists have been surveilled and arrested by plain-clothed police in the days following the police invasion of our property and police have raided and intimidated climate activist households all over Sydney.

Aunty Carol speaks before her arrest

Those at the campsite have been informed police are continuing to pursue activists in relation to events over the weekend.

It is clear that police are intent on repressing climate activism in Australia. While this is an egregious and brutal abuse of power by the police, it is also an inevitable and expected response to climate activism that challenges the destruction and exploitation of the systems of Australia. We will not be intimidated by police. We will continue to take action to secure a liveable future.

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