A case for sustained direct action

After 11 consecutive days and over 20 actions, Blockade Australia’s mobilisation against the biggest coal port in the world has come to a close. For 65+ hours infrastructure was blocked with 28 people arrested. Thank you to everyone who watched, shared and participated in Blockade Australia’s Newcastle mobilisation.

The past two weeks have shown that it’s possible to cause serious disruption to the Australian system, if motivated individuals unite in a coordinated way. The police came down on us through a Strike Force, excessive charges, helicopter patrols, and raids on unconnected homes and offices. With this expected state repression we continued to pull off actions around them, showing that we will not be intimidated by their flexes that guard Australia and property over all life on earth.

If you were inspired by this mobilisation, transform that into action by committing to the Sydney Dates: 27th of June – 2nd July. Through collective power and strategic direct action we can force Australia to deal with climate change. Simply ignoring it and blocking climate action will not continue under our watch.

Follow Blockade Australia and if you give a damn about your future make sure you plan, take time off, organise yourself and be in Sydney in 2022

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