Emma and John climb on top of coal train

As Australia continues to find ways to keep exploiting and damaging this continent its rational that everyday people stand up and take action. Newcastle coal port is a central part of Australia’s fossil fuel driven economy, one that it refuses to acknowledge or transition away from. Activists get in the way for the 4th time this week, physically showing their opposition to climate destruction.

Earlier today Emma and John climbed on top of a 100,000T coal train to stop the Newcastle coal rail network from operating for 4 hours. They climbed onto the carriage and stayed under the highway bridge to delay their arrests. Taking climate action like this is our most effective way of securing a liveable future.

“Fossil fuels are an existential threat to life on our planet and yet we don’t seem to be taking that seriously”


“Were prioritising the short term profits of very few people over the lives of all the ecosystems on the planet… that doesn’t make sense”


John (72) and Emma (52) are locked on and refused to come down. They are now in custody and are expected to be released soon. Next we will converge on Australia’s most important economic and political centre. Join us in Sydney, June 27th- July 2nd to shut down the city.

Watch their livestream here:

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