Mum ‘Sal’ suspended off train.

“Australia’s so called democratic economy is trampling life for profit and drip-feeding communities with crumbs of hush money. It has to end.”

Those were the words of Sal, who this morning shut down the whole rail network at the World’s Biggest Coal Port in Newcastle, Mulubinba, this morning.

This is the 7th action of the week taken against the Port. This is what real political engagement looks like. Australia’s laws were written to protect institutions that only care about money. Parliament is in bed with big business and extractive industry. A climate election is a naive daydream and waiting for one is a death sentence for all life on earth.

“Australia is a system of collusion between fossil fuel companies and all levels of government. ”It’s time to take the fight to the places where we can affect Australia the most”

Actions like the one taken today by Sal, bypass the distractions of this rigged political system. Material disruption to what Australia cares about is meaningful climate action. Join us in Sydney in June 2022.

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