Sydney Action: June 27 – July 2nd

Join us to bring Australia’s largest city, Sydney, to a standstill. Between June 27th and July 2nd we will show our collective resistance against Australia’s ecological destruction.


This continent is heating up faster than the rest of the world, already reaching 1.44 degrees above pre-industrial levels. How many more crises will it take until you take action against the system causing them? There is no excuse to not do anything, this is the most important work you can be doing, a livable future depends on it.

Join the convergence of people blocking Sydney’s major roads. If we stop the city moving, we halt the system that is endlessly expanding, exploiting and destroying. This means the people in power have to take us seriously.

Stolen goods and exploited labour fuel Australia’s economy and flow along these roads. It is not about the individuals participating, it is about stopping the cogs in the machine that is destroying life on earth. Change is necessary for survival, as Australia continues to block climate action, we will blockade Australia.

Bring yourself, bring your family, bring your friends. By doing this together, we are building connections between communities who know how to resist Australia.

To get involved, you need to download an app called Telegram and join this channel >

The Australia we confront is the same force that committed genocide against First Nations peoples across this continent.

We pay our respects to all First Nations People, their Elders and children; their resistance and unceded sovereignty. 

Here are some other things you can do to get involved…

  • Come to our last of info night, check the schedule here
  • Share and distribute flyers/posters in your local area
  • Get involved by filling out the form below: