Take Action

Australia’s ongoing expansion into natural worlds has caused irreversible global climate and ecological damage. The current system rewards and incentivises destruction of the land and its peoples, rather than their survival.

Over the last few years, we have experienced an increase of the severe impacts that result from decade long climate denialism and blocking climate action. 2019 was this continents hottest and driest year ever documented, while 2020 was its fourth-warmest year on record. Last year, the consequences of extractivism were seen through a global pandemic. This year, dangerous floodwaters threaten our lives and communities once again.

As politicians from all sides spin lies and make promises about Australia taking meaningful climate action, this continent has already warmed by 1.44 degrees since pre-industrial levels. 1.5 degree targets, like those set out in the Paris Climate Agreement, are calculated political deceit, designed to pacify the public.

Blockade Australia is a coordinated response to Australia’s leading role in causing these disasters. Last November, Blockade Australia shut down the worlds largest coal port in Newcastle for 11 consecutive days. Everyday people used disruptive tactics in a coordinated and sustained way to severely hinder one of Australia’s major destructive operations.

Come to Sydney in June 2022 and blockade the streets of Australia’s most important political and economic centre, to cause disruption that cannot be ignored. Materially impacting the flow of Australia’s busiest metropolis, means the people in power begin to take us seriously. When we can force a political response by resisting climate inaction, we undermine Australia’s authority over this land, and so create the space needed for change. Change is necessary for survival, as Australia continues to block climate action, we will blockade Australia.

How to get involved with Blockade Australia: