In Person Meet – Ups

This is just the beginning, more people are more determined than ever to be a part of meaningful resistance.
Come along to find out more at the in person meet ups happening in all major cities – Saturday August 6th. What type of event we can all work towards and how we can implement resistance culture into our everyday lives.

Happening 6th of August – near you!
Locations and Facebook events:

Melbourne / https://fb.me/e/21gFrie7E

Perth / https://fb.me/e/24dW9zuHw

Brisbane / https://fb.me/e/21aK4Ax6f

Blue Mountains / https://fb.me/e/2BIfEqHJH

Castlemaine / https://fb.me/e/1DYCbjDmV

Canberra / https://fb.me/e/7E5r9VmlZ

Newcastle / https://fb.me/e/3StUQP0ZY

Sydney / https://fb.me/e/1OW64GVe7

Adelaide / https://fb.me/e/20oa3a8jW

Wollongong / https://fb.me/e/3yvP4KQAE

Lismore / https://fb.me/e/6eJbroCsf

NSW South Coast / https://fb.me/e/3L9LVqCzS

NSW Mid-North Coast / https://fb.me/e/1FSxgqA0P

Hobart / https://fb.me/e/1FX9CuvGb