‘Goodmorning’ from a tree-sit

Claire is currently perched on a platform suspended from ropes attached to the rail line around the port of Newcastle on Awabakal and Worimi Country in Mulubinba, halting activity on a critical piece of Australia’s economic infrastructure.

This sustained resistance is causing major chaos in the supply chain, raising alarm for politicians and others who profit from the destruction of Country, land, water, and all life systems on earth.

The Earth-destroying practices of Australia and fuelling the climate and ecological crises and putting us, the Earth and our entire future at risk


Blockade Australia is organising crucial resistance to the trajectory of ecological collapse that Australia is fueling.

By targeting the infrastructureand systems that sustain the wealth and image of prosperity of this illegitimate occupation.Sustained and targeted directed action is the only way of forcing meaningful systematic change.

It’s up to us to hit the brakes.

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