Locked into network

For the second time today, an activist is blocking all trains into the Port of Newcastle. Emily (24) is currently locked to a steel pipe concreted into the side of the railway line. This is the eighth day in a row that activists have caused disruption to the Newcastle Coal Port, a key piece of Australia’s extractive system.

This action is taking place on Awabakal and Worimi Country, where Australia has been desecrating the land, air, water, and life since this continent was invaded.

I’m doing this because I’m 24 and already grieving the loss of my planet. Australia is a violent and exploitative system predicated on infinite expansion and the extraction of wealth from the Earth. It is fundamentally incompatible with our planet’s life support systems


Emily is currently the 16th person to take direct action in the last eight days, halting operations on the rail line. Blockade Australia targets the pillars that uphold Australia’s exploitative systems. These actions disrupt the infrastructure that is leading to the collapse of life on earth

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