The morning of the 7th day.

“This is a system of extraction and exploitation, in which everything, down to the smallest leaf, is commodified. It is designed to materially benefit the elite while the lands and waters are destroyed. It is this dead, soulless system which we must resist to restore humanity’s beautiful relationship with country”.

These were the words of Jonah (25), who in the dawn light this morning, climbed nine metres above the train line to a tripod erected over the rails, halting all coal into Newcastle Coal Port for three and a half hours. This is the seventh consecutive day that Blockade Australia has caused sustained and targeted disruption on Awabakal and Worimi Country in Mulubinba, so called Newcastle,home to the largest coal port in the world.

“Politics has failed. The machine will not budge without material resistance. That’s why we are here”


This is what meaningful political action looks like. Confronting the structures in place that support the government and corporate collusion that facilitate extraction and ecological collapse.

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