Activist hangs from monopole to block Port of Melbourne

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Early this morning, Blockade Australia climate activist Brad Homewood, 50, has climbed a monopole blocking Appleton road on Coode Island, stopping the operations in and out of the Port of Melbourne, the largest port in Australia.

They are hanging a banner reading “Hope lies in a culture of resistance.”

Simultaneously this morning, across the continent, activists have blocked operations of the Newcastle Coal Port and the Port of Brisbane. Blockade Australia is back.

Brad is blocking the largest container port on the continent, in order to cause palpable economic disruption to a major flow of goods in the Australian system. This port is a bottleneck in the operations of a destructive system.

Blockading tactics such as these are necessary in obstructing Australia’s ongoing destruction of our liveable climate. An organised resistance movement is required to protect the conditions necessary for life.

 Brad said: “This system is doing exactly what it was set up to do, extract and exploit with a callous disregard for all forms of life. You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it, we can’t vote our way out of this mess, the system cannot fix the system.”

“I’m taking action with Blockade Australia because the Australian system and it’s institutions are a core part of the problem.”

“We’re in an ever worsening climate and ecological crisis, 19 key ecosystems in Australia alone are showing the early signs of collapse, if they do, societal collapse will surely follow, and to compound the problem we’ve just entered another hotter and drier El Niño climate pattern. Business as usual equals death.”

A member of the Blockade Australia network said:”Direct action like this confronts power where it operates on the ground.”

“Blockade Australia is an organised response to Australia’s active role in causing the climate and ecological crisis.”

The Blockade Australia network has organised periods of sustained disruption in the Newcastle Coal Port in 2021, the Port of Botany in 2022, and the Sydney CBD in 2022. This move is the latest in a long campaign to disrupt economic bottlenecks in the Australian system in order to stop Australia’s climate destruction. 

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